• Type: Wind Power
  • Location: India, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS1523
  • Est. Reductions: 136,936 tCO2e per year

This project generates power using a renewable energy source (wind) and sells the power generated to the state grid.

The project activity involves the installation and maintenance of Wind Turbines. The total installed capacity of the project is 80 MW; which involves operation of 40 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), each with a capacity of 2 MW. The project is promoted by Panama Wind Energy Godawari Private Limited and located at Maharashtra state in India.

The power produced displaces an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which is fed mainly by fossil fuel fired power plants. Hence, it results in reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. GHG emission reductions from the project activity will be 136,936 tonnes of CO2 per year, with the total expected GHG emission reductions across the 10 year crediting period of 1,369,360 tonnes of CO2.

The Project activity is a new facility with the purpose of generating electricity by the utilization of wind power and further selling the generated energy to the NEWNE Grid. In this process there is no consumption of any fossil fuel and hence the project does not lead to any greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, electricity would be generated through sustainable means without causing any negative impact on the environment.

The crediting period started in March 2014 and is expected to run for 10 years.

Additional Benefits

  • Generation of employment opportunities during the construction and operation of the project.
  • The project helps reduce the demand – supply gap in the region.
  • The project will demonstrate the technology in the region and help encourage other wind power projects.

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