The story behind Global Climate Institute



Let’s start with the funny bit, namely the fact that GCI is neither an institution nor an organisation in the traditional sense, and neither would we like to be mistaken for a climate-oriented foundation, NGO or association. Comparing us in any way to an institution would also be a mistake. It’s simply a word that we have experimented with, in the same way that we are experimenting in an area that has been reserved for traditional organisations, associations and foundations until now. All around the globe, professional environmental organisations, foundations and associations are developing, working on and implementing exciting projects in the field of climate change. The purpose of these projects is to create a better world for all of us, and future generations in particular. There can be no doubt about the importance of the hard work these organisations do and the knowledge they possess. Unfortunately, those same organisations often lack the necessary instruments to effectively sell and spread awareness about their projects. In other words, what is needed is a third party with professional expertise in strategic CSR in order to create sufficient interest among global companies so that these projects can become a reality.





GCI fills the gap between traditional non-profit organisations and profit-seeking businesses. Operating in the world of socioeconomics and social responsibility – with a focus on climate and the environment – we have meticulously scanned the world for the best projects, organisations and partners in the field of green initiatives, which allows us to offer this service and know-how to private companies striving for a greener image and a visible CSR strategy.

There are countless organisations all over the world that all believe that their specific project is the right one to get involved in. Of course, not all of them are right, as there are big differences in terms of quality, quantity and cost. GCI advises companies around the world on specific projects and finds the most suitable partners for those companies to work with in a market that can be something of a jungle to navigate through. It is in this jungle that GCI operates and in that market our business model revolves around. Essentially, we build bridges between traditional non-profit organisations and international companies.





That is why GCI is not to be mistaken for an NGO, humanitarian organisation or a foundation, as we are not part of the non-profit sector. Rather, GCI is a private company working in a standard free market environment with the associated motives and rules. In fact, we make it a virtue to be a for-profit enterprise. GCI is the world’s first and only company with this kind of mission, which is essentially to break down and test the barriers between the traditional environmental and climate organisations and the world’s for-profit companies. We fully acknowledge that our concept is innovative, and may even appear provocative to some people. A recent UN report concluded that the planet needs to restore 350 million hectares of forest if we are to keep global temperatures from rising past the two-degree Celsius target. Traditional organisations have tried to solve the issue of climate change over the past 50 years, and have failed despite their best efforts. GCI believes that it is now time to start thinking outside the box and find new, innovative solutions. GCI believes that the world’s climate problems can only be solved by involving the global private sector. That is why GCI’s projects are aimed at private companies. In other words, GCI does not work with individuals, but solely with the countless companies around the globe that seek to make a profit from their activities. Without a financial incentive and increased market shares, it is – in GCI’s view – Utopian to believe that the world’s private sector will engage seriously in green initiatives. GCI develops, plans and implements green projects that in addition to creating a better environment and climate also result in a greener bottom line for companies. Imagine how the world would look if companies regarded planting trees as a way of increasing market shares and getting a greener bottom line. GCI believes in the future, and the future is green – with businesses getting involved in climate projects. We call it heart core business.