Consulting services

GCI offers expert and consulting services in a wide range of areas.

Essentially, all our services revolve around reducing your impact on the environment.

GCI helps you identify the areas in which you can save money and, not least, reduce your impact on the environment. We help you engage with your colleagues and customers, regardless of whether you choose to focus on a single product, area or decide to go all the way and make the entire organisation, production process or business sustainable. Our approach is efficient, practical and low-cost from the start to the end of the process.



GCI – Energy inspection
We measure and assess your organisation’s energy consumption and offer proposals on how you can become more energy efficient, reduce costs and thereby benefit the environment.


GCI – Carbon footprint assessment 
We will identify and report where your emissions come from and help you understand your impact on climate change and your carbon footprint.


GCI – Carbon cycle assessment
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an-depth tool to help identify all the carbon emissions connected to a product or service and assess its greenhouse gas impact from ‘cradle to grave’.


GCI – Carbon reduction
We help you achieve immediate business gains and reach your sustainability goals. We can help your business understand and measure carbon emissions and draft an action plan for reducing emissions, saving money and getting your employees to commit to the process.