Carbon Neutral

In order to call an organisation, service, product or company carbon neutral, you must first carefully calculate the amount of CO2 it emits, after which you can offset that amount. You can basically split the process into four steps:


  • Calculating and measuring your carbon footprint
  • Reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint
  • Deducting any remaining and unavoidable emissions
  • Measuring and following up on your carbon footprint


We naturally encourage all companies to strive for carbon neutrality, and we can provide a complete service in that regard, from calculating the amount of CO2 emissions and reductions to compliance with all CO2 protocols.

We can also set up reporting systems that monitor your CO2 emissions, provide official statements, create transparency for your customers and suppliers and brand your business as being carbon neutral. We are experts in carbon management and offsetting, which makes us an ideal partner for companies that want to develop or enhance their environmentally friendly image. We naturally guide our clients through the whole process.

Contact our support department to learn more about how we can make your company more environmentally friendly, benefiting not just your company, but the world in general.


We call it heart core business.