Carbon neutral websites

It’s a simple concept: The more people who participate and make their website carbon neutral, the higher the climate and environmental gains, which will benefit all of us.

Today, the internet has surpassed the environmental impact of aviation. The internet is growing very rapidly, and the consumption of power has resulted in CO2 emissions that are unfortunately going the wrong way: up. That is why carbon neutral websites play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and make a direct contribution to a greener environment that benefits all of us.


Carbon neutral websites are a step in the right direction and it is a quick, simple and easy way for businesses to ‘think green’ and thereby actively contribute to a better global climate. Many businesses are deterred by the thought of green initiatives and a green transition because buying carbon credits and running calculations of entire production processes can seem overwhelming. Making your website carbon neutral is taking an active step in the right direction and shows the world that you as a company take environmental concerns and the climate debate seriously, and that you are committed to working towards a greener climate.


The concept is fairly simple. There are standard calculations that determine how much CO2 is emitted into nature by a given amount of power. A website consumes power for servers, PCs, screens, a modem, etc., and visitors to the website also add to its power consumption.

By doing a reverse calculation and knowing certain variables such as the number of website hits and page views, it is possible to calculate how much CO2 the website emits. By establishing projects that absorb CO2, a website can be made carbon neutral.

A website becomes carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon it emits with an increased carbon sequestration somewhere else in the world. For example, the world’s rainforests sequester a huge amount of CO2.

The cost of making your website carbon neutral is quite low, and in fact, many businesses achieve an increase in revenue and demand as a result, as adding the well-known “carbon neutral website” logo to your website signals social responsibility and an interest in climate change. Both of these are in high demand among consumers, customers and partners. Many businesses therefore choose to cover the costs through their marketing budget. We call carbon neutral websites heart core business!