Carbon neutral transport


Transport by airplanes, trucks and cars are one of the major culprits behind CO2 emissions. On average, a passenger car emits approximately 160g of CO2 per kilometre on the road, and if you consider that the annual mileage of a car owner is 10,000 km, that’s quite a bit of CO2 that ends up in the atmosphere. Businesses that decide to make their vehicle fleet carbon neutral receive a package of great-looking streamers that can be stuck to each vehicle. Streamers are easy to apply and take off again, and you will always receive a fresh supply as and when needed. Considering that you travel approximately 10,000 km by car each year on average, that takes you quite a few places over the course of a year. Just the marketing opportunity that these streamers provide with the well-known and trusted “Carbon Neutral Transport” logo makes it a big marketing win!

It shows every passer-by, cyclist and driver that your business is taking a stance on the climate debate and making a green transition, which is an ideal opportunity to highlight your business’ green policy and social responsibility, both of which are in high demand among consumers, customers and partners!


We call it heart core business.

GCI will handle the entire process from the calculations, reporting and offsetting your business’ CO2 emissions.

The price of a carbon offsetting plan naturally depends on several factors such as the mileage, car brand and model, etc., which is why we calculate the cost on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we match the amount of CO2 emissions that the business creates and which we can ultimately offset.

Contact our consultants to learn more about your possibilities to run a carbon neutral vehicle fleet, with gains for the climate as well as your budgets.